Working out the budget – the 3rd step to achieving a stress free wedding

Working out the budget – the 3rd step to achieving a stress free wedding day

Welcome back to my blog series helping you achieve a stress free wedding day. Part 3 is dedicated to the wedding budget.

The dreaded B word. Love it or hate without it you would have no wedding.

It’s probably the most talked about part of your wedding planning, for some it’s less important but for others it’s a huge bone of contention.

So what is the wedding budget? It is whatever you want it to be. I know that doesn’t help much but it is the right answer. This is where individuality and personal circumstance come into play and also why talking about your wedding budget can be the cause of many arguments and disagreements.

Every engaged couple will have their own individual opinions and ideas about finances and how to manage them during their regular day to day life. Whilst a wedding budget isn’t a lot different in concept the sheer enormity of planning a wedding day can turn the most level headed of penny pinchers and deftly of budgeters in to a serial spender on eBay.

The wedding budget seems to defy all logic when it comes to the couple’s finances and sensible ideas about what they can actually afford to spend.

For some money can be the root of all evil, you either have enough for what you want to do or buy or you have champagne ideas with a beer budget. As with every other part of your wedding planning you do need to plan the budget too. I have seen a lot of couples spending on impulse and booking a double chocolate fountain before the food has been chosen, menu arranged and caterer booked. Whilst most people I know do like chocolate, although I’m not one of them, I’ve no doubt they’d rather be the grateful recipient of a decent meal rather than needing to gorge on dipping pieces of fruit and doughnuts in to molten chocolate. I could of course be wrong but if I didn’t offer guidance and the voice of reason concerning wedding matters what kind of wedding planner would that make me?

Here a few things to consider when calculating your wedding budget.
1) Work out how much of your monthly salary is easily available to put into the wedding pot. Don’t overstretch on a monthly basis as you don’t want the added stress on a relationship even before you tie the knot.
2) Do you have any financial contributions coming from other sources? Parents or grandparents? Savings from one or both of you?
3) How many months do you have between the beginning of your planning and the BIG day itself?

Once you have confirmed the amount of money available you’ll need to continue with the teamwork that we discussed in blog part 2 and don’t forget to include some self care time. Teamwork is vital when it comes to working out your priorities and the tasks associated with the planning of a wedding. Remember there are two people getting married.
I didn’t have a planned topic for the next part of the blog series before I got to this point but now I’m being pulled towards how to prioritise your wedding budget and how to find the best suppliers for your budget.

If you need a chat about your wedding planning and think you might be in need of my expertise and experience then don’t hesitate to get in touch and book a no obligation meeting. I’d be happy to meet up with you and talk about the vision you have for your big day and how I can help you pull all that together to create your dream wedding day without the stress.

Got any questions you want to ask me? Just email me and I’ll answer any questions via my blog.

Siân Bowron has been advising on, planning and coordinating weddings and other events since 2012. Previously a healthcare professional with a background in pharmacology, Siân decided to switch career after the birth of her son. She has brought the empathy, care and attention-to-detail so important in her former duties together seamlessly with her passion for wedding planning to serve the needs of her many satisfied clients.

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