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Teamwork – the 2nd step to achieving a stress free wedding

Teamwork – the 2nd step to achieving a stress free wedding

Hello you lovely lot. Are you ready for some more of my worldly wedding planning wisdom?

Ok so in my last blog I discussed the importance of self care and how to make sure you don’t neglect yourselves during the planning process. If you haven’t read this blog you can read it here.

The second step to stress free wedding planning is teamwork – after all the whole point of a marriage is the TWO of you joining TWO lives together.
♫♪♪ Yes, teamwork, can make a dream work. ♫♪♪

It’s easy for the bride to be to take the lead on the wedding planning and is quite a natural thing as they are usually channelling their inner fairytale princess after having had visions of their “special day” since they heard their first fairytale or donned their first fancy dress outfit.
♫♪♪ Someday my prince will come. ♫♪♪
That was even before they met their Prince or Princess Charming so a bride to be or the groom to be could be forgiven for getting carried away and have his or her head in the clouds for a while.

♫♪ Cheer up, sleepy jean.
Oh, what can it mean.
To a daydream believer
And a homecoming queen. ♫♪♪

But with any marriage it only works if there is some give and take and both sides of the relationship have their own special roles to play.

In my own marriage I’m the go to for organisation, planning and practical day to day tasks. Whilst I’m also slightly impulsive and excitable my hubby is the sensible down to earth one who thinks everything through thoroughly before making a decision and is quiet, reserved and thoughtful. We couldn’t be more different on paper but we work well together and compliment each other nicely. That’s why we’ve been very happily married for 9 years now.

So how do you use all of your strengths and weaknesses to become the A team and create a wedding that represents both of you? That’s where teamwork comes in and of course a good old dose of that thing they call communication. All’s fair in love and war but let’s not start a war before rings are on fingers and the ink on the wedding certificate is still wet.

You may or may not know that I love lists. I’m a bit obsessed with them. I even have lists of the lists I have. What with that and my obsession with lyrics from musicals and films I think I’ve created a new genre of OCD. To work as a team firstly you need to write down what you want from your wedding day on separate lists – yes you read that correctly.
Step one is write one list each. Write down on one side what you do want and the other what you don’t want your wedding to be like.
Step two is compare and combine the lists. Whilst this may initially look like a recipe for frankenstein’s monster it will give you both an insight into what each other sees as a priority on the wedding day.
Step three you should now have a clearer idea of what you both want your wedding day to look like and which parts of each of your personalities you want to be incorporated or represented.

If it still looks a bit of a muddle maybe it’s time to get a professional on board to make the vision a reality. Being creative and merging couples styles is one of the things I love to do. I love bouncing ideas around and see what works for couples and what doesn’t. Sometimes you don’t know if you don’t like it until you see it. If you don’t like something than that’s fine as it’ll streamline your ideas until it becomes one cohesive idea that represents both of you in equal measure. I love it when a plan comes together 😉

In part 3 I’m going to talk about working out and sticking to your budget.

Got any questions you want to ask me? Just email me and I’ll answer any questions via my blog.

Siân Bowron has been advising on, planning and coordinating weddings and other events since 2012. Previously a healthcare professional with a background in pharmacology, Siân decided to switch career after the birth of her son. She has brought the empathy, care and attention-to-detail so important in her former duties together seamlessly with her passion for wedding planning to serve the needs of her many satisfied clients.

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My Story – why I started Amethyst Weddings

Who doesn’t enjoy hearing, “I just loved your wedding day,” or, “It was such a fabulous day, such a gorgeous venue”?

It gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling and, in my case, a proud mummy moment. They were the type of comments I got, and kept getting, months and months after my own wedding day. When I reflected on how much I enjoyed the organisational side of my wedding planning I realised that not everyone thrives and enjoys the process as much as I did. It felt like such a natural process for me personally; so how could I use those apparently innate skills and help others who don’t enjoy the planning process, or who don’t have time to do the amount of research and mull over the vast amount of choices available? It wasn’t something I had to think about for very long. My answer: I’ll start my own wedding planning business.


Since the search for my own wedding dress started back in 2004 I’ve had a bit of an obsession with bridal fashion, so I never getting tired of looking at new styles and trends. It sometimes feels like all I do is research, but it’s not something I ever tire of and it keeps me up to date with the latest trends, and means I’m always submerged in wedding inspiration loveliness.

This job fits perfectly around my family too. As a naturally organised individual it’s second nature to sort out the plans for the next wedding whilst doing the housework, keeping my husband organised and doing the school run. In fact, when I have finished my to do list I automatically look for something to add to it. I’ll very often catch up on the latest episode of “Say Yes To The Dress” whilst doing my admin, etc; I have permission from the boss.

Antonella Kleinfeld Bridal

I hope that my love for all things wedding is obvious in everything I do for my clients but as another outlet for my creativity I love organising styled photo shoots. There is nothing I love more than having an initial idea and spark of inspiration and then seeing the results the photographer presents me with after the shoot.

So this is me in a nutshell: wedding planner, wedding obsessive, hopeless romantic, wife and mother.