Claire and Elliot

Elliot and I didn’t want a ‘corporate’ wedding at a big hotel, we had decided to get married in the village where I grew up, with the service at the local church and the reception at the village hall. We wanted to do a lot of the organising ourselves to make it really personal and also to keep costs down.

However we quickly realised that we were going to need some help and that’s when I contacted Sian. At our first meeting, she was so calm and organised but also friendly and approachable and I just knew that we would get along and be able to work together.

Sian was a mine of information and always had a helpful suggestion or a recommendation for services that she’s worked with previously. Having Sian’s support with wedding planning also allowed me to still focus on work and running my own company. Our monthly meetings kept me on track with what needed to be done and helped manage my anxieties and inner ‘bridezilla’.

On the big day, I handed it all over to Sian as I knew I could rely on her and she really came through! The day went so well, everyone had a great time including us and the hall looked absolutely amazing.

Sian is worth her weight in gold and I would thoroughly recommend her consultancy services, as her support took a lot of the strain out of planning our wedding and made the day go super smoothly.