Top Tips to Plan a Stress Free Wedding Day

Top Tips Blog how to plan a stress free wedding day

Here are my Top Tips for how to have a stress-free wedding planning journey

The first of my top tips needs to be addressed as soon as you are engaged.
Top Tips engagement talk about the wedding you wantIt might seem obvious to some but unless you’ve been discussing your wedding prior to getting engaged then you both need to think about what you want from your wedding day. Write a likes and dislikes list and compare. Talk through what is important to you and what is on the top of your list. Any other “wants” list them in priority order. Unless you have an infinite budget you won’t be able to include absolutely everything. This is the point in your relationship when you start to learn the fine art of COMPROMISE.
THE WEDDING BUDGET – the cause of tension if you don’t make a plan from the outset. Making sure you don’t overspend on individual elements will take the strain off of your purse strings. You can always reassess later down the line but having a guide at the start will keep your spending in check.
Start your planning – set a date!!
Be realistic don’t try and plan in less than 12 months if organisational skills aren’t one of your strengths. It can be done but it’ll just add to your wedding stress.
THE WEDDING BUDGET – without a maximum spend to keep an eye on you have the potential to go over budget from the offset. Don’t start married life in debt. Consider how much disposable income you have and don’t go over that amount each month. This is another reason why it’s best to allow at least 12 months for your wedding planning.
Choosing a wedding venue
Before you even start to look for a venue get a provisional guest list written so you have an idea of how many guests you can expect to send invitations to. Do not look at any venues that are too small. It’ll only end in tears when you fall in love with a venue that cannot host your guest numbers.
Make sure you decide what type of day you want before approaching suppliers for availability and quotes. Although suppliers will be happy to supply a quote for you they are doing this in good faith and usually under the premise that you are genuinely interested and are actually considering booking them. So don’t be surprised if you contact 30 or so suppliers if 30 suppliers then continue to follow up with your enquiry. They aren’t doing it to annoy you – it’s their job.
Look around for inspiration. Set up a Pinterest account and pull some ideas together to see how it all looks together. Find things you like and dislike so you can get a clear idea of your wedding wishlist. You can get an app on your phone so you can pin where ever you are. And YES it is a bit addictive.
Look around for inspiration – buy a selection of wedding magazines – highlights details and ideas you like and dislike. This again helps clarify your wedding day vision and pull it all together.
Choosing your suppliers – meet any suppliers you have shortlisted before you give them a deposit. Make sure they are a good fit both personally and that they understand YOUR vision for YOUR wedding day. It is very important to be able to trust any suppliers that will be involved with BIG parts of your wedding day. I can’t even begin to tell you how miserable your day will be if you haven’t picked the right team.

Sian Bowron has been planning stress free wedding days for time strapped couples across Hampshire since 2012.
If you’d like to talk with Sian about how she can help make your wedding planning journey stress free then get in touch now.


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